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The Nightfell 5e - Quickstart is the perfect introduction to the award-winning, grimdark world of Nightfell. This quickstarter includes a one-shot adventure that will immediately immerse you in the setting, along with pregenerated characters to get you started. But that's not all - this module also introduces new mechanics for playing werebeasts in 5e, adding even more depth to your gameplay. Start your adventure in Nightfell with this essential quickstart guide.

Nightfell 5e - Quickstart

  • Free download the enhanced Nightfell's Quickstarter with new Werebeast class features and a new pregenerated Character. 

    Dive even deeper into Lycanthropy secrets!

    • Digital Product
    • .ZIP File containing both ITA&ENG PDF Files
    • New game mechanics & lore
    • Introduction of the Werebeast class
    • New spells
    • Revision of the adventure for level 1 players 'Our Lady of the Beasts'
    • New pregenerated characters​
    • 5e OGL system

    This module is published under Nightfell's registered Trademark (TM)

    Nightfell is © Angelo Peluso & Grim Moon Studio. All rights reserved. The reproduction of any material without authorization is forbidden.

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