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A dark world oppressed by an eternal night awaits you. Embrace the darkness!

This 5e setting will dive you into a dark world full of terror and despair. The Undeads come back from the afterlife and eternal beings crave the nullification of reality. You will face ancient horrors, but you will also come to know superstition and occultism, and you will learn to follow the Moon as the only guide in this nocturnal world.

In this ruthless setting, players will play night explorers, resilient survivors who adapted to the Lunar Age, an era where the sun is dead, and life still endures only thanks to the last Primordial beings.




   The Nightfell CoreBook contains rich original lore. The manual presents several new, dark fantasy flavored playable races, along with new archetypes for the classes of the most famous role-playing game in the World, new backgrounds for your characters, new original classes, magic objects, new additional rules and spells.



    The Nightfell Bestiary will show you many menacing horrors, including Echoes of Death, beings from folklore who come to life and tormented abominations seeking revenge.
You'll find new creatures and NPCs will put your courage to the test.

Gold Ennie Winner in 2022 - Best Monster/Adversary.


Children of the Moon

   This volume features a multitude of new content which can be used in any 5th edition setting. It provides a new, broader and deeper perspective on Lycanthropy and also equips you with all the tools you need to incorporate the Werebeasts into your campaigns.

This book also contains a campaign in 9 acts, set in all of the Known Lands of the world of Iùrmen, that will bring characters from 1st level to 15th.

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Adventure Book

   The Adventure Book features 6 adventures to play as standalone quests or as a long campaign from level 1 to 14.

Embark on a journey that will lead you to challenge a powerful family of vampires, explore lost villages to save a chosen creature, free the lands from the curses of vengeful witches and take part in a civil war for the fate of the Anireth.


NOTE: These products are published by our Mana Project Studio partners and the link will redirect you to their store.

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Free Download the Character Sheet | Here

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