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A Realm Where Gods Fall and New Heroes Rise

​An endless darkness engulfs the world of Iùrmen. The sun has been extinguished and the moon, Mirithlen, is the only source of light. Only the bravest adventurers can survive in this land of darkness and danger.

Nightfell is a horror fantasy setting where you take on the role of one of these heroes. You will explore ancient ruins, battle monstrous creatures, and unravel the secrets of a lost world.

The game features:

  • A rich and detailed setting, with a compelling story and a unique atmosphere.

  • Building upon the PF2 system, the game implements well-considered design enhancements, deepening the player experience and providing fresh tools to explore a world bathed in moonlight and consumed by necrotic energy.

  • The ability to create your character choosing between different ancestries, classes, and skills.

  • A bestiary full of fantastic and terrifying creatures.

  • Epic adventures that will take you to explore every corner of the world of Nightfell.


Nightfell is perfect for:

  • Fantasy fans looking for a new and engaging gaming experience.

  • Players who love exploring dark and dangerous worlds.

  • Perfect for those who crave challenging combat and dangerous situations to overcome.

  • Fans of folklore, witchcraft, and new and original fantasy settings.



Will you dare to challenge the Echoes of Death and cross a decadent world of darkness and curses?

   The Nightfell Core Manual contains rich lore that will immerse you in the grimdark world of Iùrmen as long as you have everything you need to play this setting using the basic PF2 system.

This edition will be challenging and strategic, and you will have over 300 pages of content in your hands. This includes all new options for characters, spells, items, and relics, as well as new, original, additional mechanics!

   The Nightfell Bestiary will show you many menacing horrors, including Echoes of Death, beings from folklore who come to life and tormented abominations seeking revenge.
Over 200 pages of new creatures and NPCs will put your courage to the test.

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Published under ORC License | See our ORC Notice here

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