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Looking for a grimdark fantasy setting to enhance your pf2 experience?

The captivating realm of Nightfell descends upon the world of PF2, driven by our unwavering passion to share this immersive setting with a broader audience.

Prepare to delve into the shadows of Iùrmen, unravel mysteries, and forge legends in the captivating world of Nightfell, now compatible with PF 2nd Edition's system.

The new contents are under development!

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Core Manual

   The Nightfell Core Manual contains rich lore that will immerse you in the grimdark world of Iùrmen as long as you have everything you need to play this setting using the basic PF2 system.

This edition will be challenging and strategic, and you will have over 300 pages of content in your hands. This includes all new options for characters, spells, items, and relics, as well as new, original, additional mechanics.

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    The Nightfell Bestiary will show you many menacing horrors, including Echoes of Death, beings from folklore who come to life and tormented abominations seeking revenge.
Over 200 pages of new creatures and NPCs will put your courage to the test.

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The Song of the Beast

   Embark on an epic journey through the Known Lands of Iùrmen, unraveling the dark secrets of lycanthropy and the myth of Lupecernos. Into this Sandbox Campaign you will explore a series of interconnected adventures at your own pace.

Discover hidden relics and uncover the rituals of diverse Nightfell cultures.

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Published under ORC License | See our ORC Notice here

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