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Inside Grim Moon Studio is a stunning artbook developed by our internal team of talented artists. Set in the Nightfell RPG setting, this book takes the reader on a visual development journey, showcasing the intricate details of our internal art pipeline. The story follows Ysme on her mission to hunt witches in one of the darkest forests of Iùrmen, making it the perfect inspiration for your game sessions. This artbook is not only a beautiful addition to any collection but also a valuable resource for any RPG enthusiast.
Get ready to be transported to a world of dark magic and adventure!

Inside Grim Moon Studio Vol.1

  • Inside Grim Moon Studio offers a peek into the creative process of the studio's internal visual development pipeline. This book is perfect for gamers looking for inspiration for their next RPG game session. From concept sketches to final designs, this artbook showcases the journey of transforming ideas into captivating visuals. Get ready to explore the world of Grim Moon Studio like never before with Inside Grim Moon Studio.

    • 68 Pages
    • Digital Product
    • PDF File
    • English Language

    This Artbook is published under Nightfell's registered Trademark (TM)

    Nightfell is © Angelo Peluso & Grim Moon Studio. All rights reserved. The reproduction of any material without authorization is forbidden.

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