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"Iùrmen's Nights - Hunters and Preys" is a thrilling 20-page digital comic that takes you on a journey through the dark and dangerous world of Nightfell's RPG. Based on the Gold Ennie winner setting, this PDF comic is filled with stunning illustrations and captivating storytelling. Get ready for a plot twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat as you follow a party of adventurers on their quest to find a Grim Weapon. Don't miss out on this gripping tale of hunters and preys in the world of Nightfell.

Iùrmen's Nights - Hunters and Preys

  • An intriguing adventure and a smooth read, which will make you explore the world of Nightfell in a whole new way.
    Produced by Italian writers and designers who have been working in this industry for years.

    • 21 Pages
    • Digital Product
    • .ZIP File containing both ITA&ENG PDF Files
    • Digital artwork included as free gift (A4 printable Poster)

    This comic is published under Nightfell's registered Trademark (TM)

    Nightfell is © Angelo Peluso & Grim Moon Studio. All rights reserved. The reproduction of any material without authorization is forbidden.

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