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Creators' Lair

Hello grim wanderer! You have entered the creators' lair.
Are you ready to create your own Nightfell content to share with other night adventurers?



The purpose of the Grimmunity is to let you share your content through our site, so that other players can download it for FREE.

You can share your materials (for example new monsters, archetypes, dungeon tiles, tokens, etc.) by clicking on the button below. By doing so you also accept our rules.

  • Content must be shared in the following formats: pdf, png, jpg (this does not apply to those who share gameplay videos on social media, podcasts or music content)

  • We need you to specify the language in which the material you send us is available

  • We will need a preview of the content from you, which you can send to us as a png or jpg image (square format)

  • It may be difficult for us to review adventures, especially in foreign languages, so we reserve the right to remove them from the site if problematic reports regarding the content are received (for any questions please ask to

  • You must specify your name/nick with which you want the content to be associated and displayed on the site

Additional Rules

  • The contents created for the Grimmunity make use of a registered Trademark (Nightfell TM) and copyrighted material owned by Grim Moon Studio and Angelo Peluso.

  • Those who produce (and submit) content for the Grimmunity agree to voluntarily share fan-created materials for which no financial exploitation is intended or accepted (on either side).

  • The contents you send us are to all intents and purposes "homebrew" and "fan-made" materials to be shared to players for the pleasure of sharing free game goodies.

  • Contents shared through the Grimmunity are not considered "canon" or "official". Furthermore, Grim Moon Studio does not assume any legal responsibility for content created by third parties.

  • After submitting contents to us, you can ask us to remove it from the site at any time.

  • We at Grim Moon Studio also reserve the right not to publish on the site or to remove content sent by third parties if we deem it necessary.

By sharing content with us you acknowledge the above and are voluntarily submitting your content to our site.

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