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Embrace the Darkness!

Free download the enhanced Nightfell's Quickstarter with new Werebeast class features and a new pregenerated Character. 

Dive even deeper into Lycanthropy secrets!

  • New lore

  • New game mechanics

  • Introduction of the Werebeast class

  • New spells

  • Revision of the adventure for level 1 players 'Our Lady of the Beasts'

  • New pregenerated characters

Nightfell Quickstart

Nightfell - Children of the Moon

Children of the Moon supplement is designed to expand the Lycanthropy theme in every 5th edition session and campaign, focusing on a new deep lore intertwined with the Ennies' winning setting of Nightfell.

  • A new class: Werebeast

  • Not only wolves! Play Lycanthropes characters hybridized with any animal species you wish!

  • Vast and engaging lore

  • New items and artifacts

  • Werebeast species description

  • Lycanthropes’ religion, culture, and role in society

  • Conflicts and relationships between Lycanthropes and Vampires in Nightfell

  • Lunar Influence and how it works both for player characters and wild Werebeasts (hunting behaviors)

  • New backgrounds

  • Beastblood magic spells

  • New game mechanics for the Curse

  • Small bestiary with new creatures

  • An entire Lycanthropy campaign

  • The Spectral Hunt Lore, a grim gathering of ghostly hunters and the God of Lycanthropy

Preorder Nightfell Children of the Moon
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